Worcester Windows

Worcester Windows


Worcester Windows is a community gallery program which uses storefronts throughout downtown Worcester as exhibit space to enhance the City’s downtown and to provide display opportunities for local emerging and established artists. Originally intended simply as a means to provide exhibit opportunities, Worcester Windows has grown dramatically, successfully raising the awareness of Worcester as a Creative City by not only bringing artwork to the public and showcasing local talent but in also establishing itself as a true community gallery through which many of the exhibiting artists have sold works. Worcester Windows is funded in part by the Worcester Cultural Coalition, the City of Worcester, and the Greater Worcester Community Foundation, with additional support from the Worcester Alliance of Photographers and Bay State Savings Bank.


City Hall Basement, 455 Main Street Worcester


On Display Now


“City of Worcester Employee Showcase”

The Worcester Windows program is debuting “City of Worcester Employee Showcase,” a vibrant and colorful exhibition of eight City of Worcester employees. In addition to serving the public daily, City of Worcester employees pursue unique creative passions as talented artists, photographers and crafters. Their talent speaks to the dynamic culture of art and creativity fostered in Worcester.

Artists’ whose works are on display are:

Barry Connolly

Christina Bui

Darya Kuruna

Eileen Cazarpoul

Eric Leger

Michael Vray

Paula Lomas

Yaffa Fain

Next Show

“Vive Bien!” April 2019


Contact us if you are an artist interested in showcasing your work and you would like to learn more about the submission process, or if you are interested in purchasing a current item on display.

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