Worcester Windows

Worcester Windows

Worcester Windows is a community gallery program which uses storefronts throughout downtown Worcester as exhibit space to enhance the City’s downtown and to provide display opportunities for local emerging and established artists. Originally intended simply as a means to provide exhibit opportunities, Worcester Windows has grown dramatically, successfully raising the awareness of Worcester as a Creative City by not only bringing artwork to the public and showcasing local talent but in also establishing itself as a true community gallery through which many of the exhibiting artists have sold works. Worcester Windows is funded in part by the Worcester Cultural Coalition, the City of Worcester, and the Greater Worcester Community Foundation, with additional support from the Worcester Alliance of Photographers and Bay State Savings Bank.



Brew on the Grid, 56 Franklin Street

City Hall Vault Gallery, Level B, 455 Main Street Worcester

Hanover Theatre and Conservatory for the Performing Arts, 2 Southbridge Street

WICN Studios, 50 Portland Street

On Display Now

UnWoven Journeys

The Worcester Windows program is pleased to present UnWoven Journeys, which will be displayed July 2 through October 1, 2019 in downtown Worcester, MA.

Pieces from UnWoven Journeys were on display at the Worcester PopUp in June of 2019. Getting out of the gallery and into public space, multiple pieces from the show will be displayed at City Hall, Brew on the Grid, WICN Radio, The Worcester PopUp, and The Hanover Theatre as a part of the Worcester Windows program.

UnWoven Journeys is an exhibit of art and craftaddressing refugee and immigrant status in the United States. In the exhibit, local art initiatives Healing Fibers, Refugee Artisans of Worcester, and Sisters in Stitches are joined by the Cloth Quilt Guild, coming together to present a colorful exhibit of quilting and visual arts and crafts.

Worcester Windows is a community gallery program which uses City Hall and participating storefronts throughout downtown Worcester as exhibit space to showcase the City’s vibrant downtown and its rich culture of civic work, while providing display opportunities for local artists as part of Worcester’s new forward-thinking cultural plan. Managed and curated by Hank von Hellion, Managing Director of the Worcester PopUp, the program has been renovated to be more adaptable to the dynamic growth of the City in its renaissance.

Bayda Asbridge, founder and director of Healing Fibers, says that, “through a celebration of art, craft and performance, our event and collaboration is in recognition of individuals who have relocated to seek a better life.”

Maria Laura Ibañez, one of the exhibiting artists, reflects on her artistic process, saying that, “being able to express my feelings and struggles through Saori weaving [has] helped me so much these last years. Shortly after moving here I started to suffer from depression, and I struggled much more than I expected to adapt to this culture and my new surroundings. The philosophy of Saori weaving is that you weave what you feel at the moment, and you should let your inner creativity flow and lead you. It not only gave me a way to express myself, I also found a wonderful community full of creative and beautiful people. I still struggle with depression, but now I don’t feel so alone.” Her work, Bring Me Out of the Dark, can be viewed on the B level of City Hall.


Artists whose works are on display are:

Bayda Asbridge

Bradley Chapman

Christopher G. King

Claribel & Sheila Lutz

Dhan & Sheila Lutz

Donna Hamil Talman

Hiveen & Edris


Maria Laura Ibañez

Nir & Christle Rawlins-Jackson

Nir & Sheila Lutz


Sara & Susi Ryan


Next Show

To Be Announced October 2019

Contact us if you are an artist interested in showcasing your work and you would like to learn more about the submission process, or if you are interested in purchasing a current item on display.


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