Can you imagine a world without music, dance, theatre, poetry, and murals? We can’t. So we need your help.

The Worcester Cultural Coalition exists to support and advocate for the needs of arts and cultural organizations in the greater Worcester area. These diverse nonprofits share a similar goal at heart: to share stories and experiences, ultimately enriching our lives. Unfortunately, COVID-19 presented them with a similar challenge – without audiences and gatherings, how can they continue?

To help answer these concerns, the WCC is proud to present the Creative Giving Campaign – an initiative which aims to amplify the calls for support from local museums, festivals, schools, venues, and more. Click the button below to find a local creative organization and donate today – no amount is too small and every bit helps ensure Worcester’s creative future! 

During the best of times, arts and cultural organizations are funded by ticket sales and private philanthropy yet rely on public donations to continue producing the programs, content, opportunities, and events which entertain, educate, connect, and inspire. Many cultural organizations have been unable to earn revenue in traditional ways for 8 months due to the pandemic, yet their expenses including salaries, utilities, and rent continue mounting.

As of October 31, responses to a Massachusetts Cultural Council survey indicate over $484M in lost revenue and 30,616 cultural sector jobs impacted in MA. Greater Worcester Cultural venues have suffered more than $25.3M in lost revenue. On average, MA cultural organizations are dealing with the loss of $538,440 each. Difficult decisions have been made in order to contend with this new reality: 62% of the organizations have made the decision or plan to soon lay off, furlough, or reduce the hours and/or wages of their employees.

While effects of the pandemic force businesses and nonprofit organizations to close their doors permanently, many organizations continue looking for ways to weather the storm. Through public giving campaigns, Worcester area organizations can raise the funds that may make the difference between closing the book and creating the next chapter.

The Worcester Cultural Coalition is proud to support the arts and culture in Worcester in their fundraising and sustainability efforts. To find an organization accepting online donations, please click the button above. GIVE THE POWER of CREATIVITY TODAY. Keep arts and culture alive tomorrow. We are in this together, and we thank you for your ongoing support, generosity, and inspiration.