Catch the Fire

On February 3rd community members gathered at Worcester Center for Crafts to celebrate the opening of the Catch the Fire art exhibition. The room overflowed with support as speeches were made by artists and City officials, Councilor Khrystian King and Mayor Joseph Petty, standing together against hate and racism, while uplifting Worcester’s black creative community. The Catch the Fire exhibit was curated by Deb Hall, CEO of the YWCA, and founder of The Worcester Black History Project.
Deb Hall stated, “Catch the Fire interprets hope, passion and purpose through a variety of mediums. It offers viewers an opportunity to reflect on the themes of Black History Month, African American Arts and the mediums used by black people to resist oppression while simultaneously producing beautiful art.”
The art pieces are a display of mixed media, including art on canvas, quilts, metal sculptures and more created by a collection of 14 artists. These artists use colors and metallic elements to create a visually striking and thought-provoking exhibition. These pieces all tell different stories of black expression and sends deep messages about the struggles African Americans have endured over the years.
Catch the Fire exhibition is inspired by poet, writer, and Professor Sonia Sanchez. Her poem “Catch the Fire” took experiences of historical figures and the fire within them to make changes for the black community. During one of the speeches a statement that resonated was “Catch the fire, pass it on.” As the “fire” represents passion and purpose this message is important to the black community to pass the fire throughout the community, through each generation, using the fire to fuel their lives and strive for greatness despite the odds formed against them.
We encourage you to stop by The Worcester Center for Crafts and experience the black joy this exhibition exudes. This exhibit is a great way to start conversations with friends and family and share different experiences that will help the next generation grow and catch their own fire. Catch the Fire Exhibition is on display at Worcester Center for Crafts, 25 Sagamore Road, Worcester, MA until February 29th.

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